Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) – Why Should You Care?

It’s incredibly important for merchants to understand payment security, including their own responsibility in making sure that their customers trust them with sensitive card data. Recent high profile data breaches from retailers such as Target have led to a large amount of cardholder data being compromised. Continue reading


Going Global with Taxi Payments and Media

Since taxis transitioned from the horse and buggy days to motors, subsequent innovations in the ride experience have been few and far between. In recent years, though, payment acceptance via non-cash means has provided the impetus for transforming the taxi industry for both operators and passengers. Continue reading


Boosting Per-Merchant Revenue with mPOS

Today’s small but powerful mobile point of sale (POS) solutions are a win-win for both resellers and retailers alike. For retailers, the low cost of tablet and smartphone hardware offers a compelling alternative to traditional small merchant POS systems. Continue reading

VeriFone Security Alert Banner

VeriFone Security Advisory

Having lived and breathed security for more than 30 years now, I know that security isn't just a retailer's responsibility, or a vendor's responsibility; it's everyone's responsibility. Even though VeriFone works closely with industry groups like PCI, W3C and ETA, just to name a few, we find that there is a still a wide information gap between those whose business it is to protect data, and those whose business it is to collect or create data. Continue reading


Poland’s Move to Electronic Payments in Taxis

Even if you don’t follow transportation news, you have probably seen or heard about the taxi industry in big cities like New York, and of course the iconic black cabs in London are known throughout Europe. But there are other places that are very similar in size, that don’t get as much publicity. Continue reading