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European Interchange Fee Caps – What Does This Mean?

This month the European Commission recognised a vote by the European Parliament to introduce the adoption of capped interchange fees for payments using debit and credit cards. Coming into effect six months from now, this means a big shake up to the industry’s cost and business models. Currently the European card market is fragmented and interchange fees can differ from country to country, creating imbalance and disadvantages to certain consumer groups while also benefitting others. Continue reading

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The Path to Payments in the UK

Mobile payments are on the move. Presumably, it’s only a matter of time before Apple Pay leaps across the 'pond' from the U.S. to begin the effort to create a global market. With contactless card use and technology deployment on the up in Europe, the foundation is in place for NFC/mobile wallet-based initiatives from all providers. Continue reading


A New Year – A Fresh Outlook

As we reach out to wish our clients and team mates a Happy New Year, it’s always good to reflect on what we’re actually wishing them. Are we wishing them personal success in a new job, being part of a winning team, luck with finances, stable relationships? Continue reading


2014 and the Rise of the Omnichannel Retailer

If your retail store hadn't already worked on its omnichannel marketing strategy prior to the just completed Black Friday-slash-Cyber Monday (um...cyber week? cyber month?) shopping extravaganza, you may have robbed your loyal customers of the after Thanksgiving shopping thrill and a chance for your store to see a significant spike in sales. Continue reading