Top 5 Myths of EMV

October 2015 is starting to loom large over the U.S. payments industry. That’s when the much discussed liability shift kicks into gear for most merchants. Continue reading

Infinity Loop

The NFC Chicken and Egg Fallacy

For several years now, we’ve been having the same conversation about Near Field Communication (NFC). Every year the predictions shift another year back, and the blame for a lack of traction shifts. Continue reading


Oktoberfest in Munich – A cashless option

Every fall, locales around the world celebrate their own version of Octoberfest. But the original, celebrated Oktoberfest in Munich, is the largest, and one of the oldest funfairs in the world, now celebrating its 181st season! Having just wrapped up, this year's Oktoberfest received more than six million visitors in only 16 short days. Continue reading

VeriFone Paul Galant 250

VeriFone – Year One and Beyond

As I near the end of my first year as CEO of VeriFone, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of our success—partners, resellers, retailers of all sizes—and I would also like to briefly talk about where we’ve been as a company and where we’re going. Continue reading


Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) – Why Should You Care?

It’s incredibly important for merchants to understand payment security, including their own responsibility in making sure that their customers trust them with sensitive card data. Recent high profile data breaches from retailers such as Target have led to a large amount of cardholder data being compromised. Continue reading