2014 and the Rise of the Omnichannel Retailer

If your retail store hadn't already worked on its omnichannel marketing strategy prior to the just completed Black Friday-slash-Cyber Monday (um...cyber week? cyber month?) shopping extravaganza, you may have robbed your loyal customers of the after Thanksgiving shopping thrill and a chance for your store to see a significant spike in sales. Continue reading


Retailers, Don’t Be a Target for Cyber Criminals this Holiday Season

The latest security advisory from groups like the “Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center,” the US Secret Service, and the Retail Cyber Intelligence Center (I’ll spare you the acronyms) basically say that if you’re involved in security at your organization—particularly in retail—you may be putting in some extra hours over the holidays. Continue reading


Top 5 Myths of EMV

October 2015 is starting to loom large over the U.S. payments industry. That’s when the much discussed liability shift kicks into gear for most merchants. Continue reading

Infinity Loop

The NFC Chicken and Egg Fallacy

For several years now, we’ve been having the same conversation about Near Field Communication (NFC). Every year the predictions shift another year back, and the blame for a lack of traction shifts. Continue reading