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VeriFone’s Retail Bootcamp – Sign up for the latest run-down on payments in retail

Each year, VeriFone hosts a series of retail events in the UK focusing on trends and technologies in retail and how to apply them to everyday business. This year’s dates have just been announced and we have two, half-day sessions planned where industry experts and retailers will drill down to the basics of how to be a successful retailer Continue reading


Danes Ready for Mobile Payments, but Infrastructure Lags

The population in Denmark in 2012 was estimated at around 5.5 million. Of that, 90% use the Internet. Danes are progressive when it comes to technology, yet the country lags behind many European countries in terms of mobile payment adoption—not because of a lack of interest—but because of the infrastructure necessary to support it. Continue reading


VeriFone Podcast – NFC at the Crossroads

  Summary: Tom Conlon, VeriFone Director of Marketing, EMEA region, presents on the Future of NFC in Europe. Comparisions between the long-tail development of NFC, with the development of chip and PIN payments in the region. Recording dateDecember 2013


Mobile World Congress 2014 – Wrap Up

Across all our market segments and regions, mobile is acting as a catalyst of change and innovation for transforming commerce. As the payments and mobile worlds ‘connect’ in order to enable this dynamic new ecosystem, there is no better place to find out how the future’s going to shape up than at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Continue reading