ADA Standards Affect Pay-At-The-Pump Hardware

VeriFone ADA compliant payment for petro
For fueling station owners, another regulation has been enacted that may require subtle changes to the forecourt payment hardware. The 2010 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards implemented a design regulation that requires pay-at-the-pump transactions to be more generally accessible to those with physical disabilities. The maximum height of all key pads and card readers must be 48” from the pavement (with an exception allowing for 54” maximum height on existing dispensers). This new design regulation went into effect in 2012 which has many convenience store owners scrambling to find a solution so they can address the regulations and avoid any possible legal ramifications.

VeriFone’s Solution to Addressing ADA Standards
VeriFone’s Secure PumpPAY (SPP) ADA Accessibility Module allows for pay-at-the-pump transactions to meet the newly amended ADA standard for fuel dispensers. The SPP ADA Accessibility Module works in conjunction with the primary payment module, so patrons have total flexibility and can choose to complete transactions using the standard payment device OR the new ADA module. The Secure PumpPAY ADA Accessibility Module addresses ADA reach requirements while maintaining PCI and EMV compliance.

SPP ADA Reach Accessibility Module
The module integrates easily with existing Secure PumpPAY equipment ensuring all POS information remains unaffected. The module can be mounted easily alongside dispensers at any height necessary allowing for a flexible solution to address ADA reach requirements. The SPP ADA Module offers the simplest, easiest, most cost effective way to upgrade dispenser payments and address ADA reach requirements. Pay-at-the-pump transactions remain convenient, simple, and secure.

VeriFone Installation Height Recommendation
To provide patrons with disabilities the most comfortable transaction experience, VeriFone recommends mounting the ADA Accessibility Module 20” from the height of the pavement.

(Note: If the dispenser is curb mounted, the curb height is deducted from the 20” measurement)
If you have any other questions about these requirements, please leave a comment here.


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