Going Global with Taxi Payments and Media

Turkey-TaxiSince taxis transitioned from the horse and buggy days to motors, subsequent innovations in the ride experience have been few and far between. In recent years, though, payment acceptance via non-cash means has provided the impetus for transforming the taxi industry for both operators and passengers.

VeriFone has been at the forefront of that effort, providing payment acceptance devices and a range of services for the benefit of operators and passengers. For passengers, we’ve deployed mobile hailing and booking apps to make it easier to get a cab, and once you’re in the cab, interactive multimedia content and advertising to liven up the experience during the trip. On the operator side, we offer fleet management and monitoring, advanced analytics and reporting, as well as payment gateway services to make it easy for drivers to quickly collect their fare and move onto the next job.

This week, VeriFone announces more international milestones in its efforts to modernize the taxi industry, with the planned expansion of our taxi and media services in Istanbul and throughout Mexico’s Mayan Riviera.

In Istanbul, a city comprising more than 2,000 square miles, more than 18,000 licensed taxis will soon be able to take advantage of VeriFone’s full suite of taxi payment services, including a local-language version of Way2Ride, tablets in the front of the taxi for driver applications, and passenger facing terminals in the rear, which have the capability to engage consumers with relevant content through the VeriFone Digital Network (VNET).

Deployment of the solution in Istanbul’s taxis will mark the international debut of VeriFone’s award-winning Way2ride mobile taxi app. And, it will represent yet another expansion of VeriFone’s VNET digital multimedia content service–you may recall our announcement last week of a partnership with Gilbarco that will increase VNET’s reach to more than 95 million monthly on-the-go consumers.

In Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, which includes Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, the taxi drivers’ unions representing some 3,000 taxis, selected Mexicar to supply member taxis with payment, advertising and media solutions, which Mexicar has agreed to obtain exclusively from VeriFone.

Istanbul SubwayOnce they are complete, these international deployments and others will add more than 20,000 cabs to our network and stand to engage tens of millions of additional consumers with content and brand messages delivered through VNET.

This all encompasses what we call payment-enabled media. Consumers and business travelers who are engaged in the act of payment in the back of a taxi — or at a fuel pump — can be engaged on a one-to-one basis, which provides marketers with measurable results for their campaigns. Consumers can view news and entertainment and immediately take advantage of specially targeted promotions and offers.

It’s amazing how quickly the taxi industry is changing and we’re thrilled that VeriFone’s payment expertise is the catalyst.


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