About Jeff Wakefield

Jeff Wakefield is the Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Initiatives for VeriFone’s Vertical and Global Security businesses, responsible developing and implementing growth strategies, partnerships and acquisitions which will continue to expand VeriFone’s footprint in integrated payment systems.

The POS Evolution and What it Means for ISOs, Acquirers and Processors

The POS evolution & what it means for ISOs, acquirers and processors From the consumer perspective, lines between physical and virtual storefronts have already been erased. They expect to be able to replicate their shopping experiences regardless of whether they’re paying at the counter, or shopping from their tablets and smartphones. Read More

The Evolving Point of Sale and Security

The point of sale has been evolving over 30 years and, today, merchants want to provide shopping experiences that are aligned with new ways consumers are connecting themselves to the world around them. Put simply, merchants are looking for their payment service providers to do more than simply enable them to accept payments from consumers. Read More

NRF Recap – Day 3

NRF Day 3: How can we be of service? Many businesses are evolving their technology acquisition models. With payment technology changing so rapidly, many retailers prefer alternative options that provide them greater flexibility to respond more quickly to new trends and requirements. Read More

NRF Recap – Day 2

It’s been a busy Day 2 at this year’s NRF Big Show, with a big partner announcement about our e355 mobile solution, lots of excitement about our announcement Friday of an agreement to acquire AJB Software Design, Inc., and Jennifer Miles’ Future Proofing panel discussion with executives from Panera Bread and Discount Tire. Read More

NRF Recap – Day 1

I'd like to consider myself a retail veteran, having attended NRF for 34 of the last 35 years. Our theme this year is 'Reinventing the Payment Experience' and Day 1 of NRF's Big Show was no exception to this mantra. Here are 3 takeaways from Day 1: Read More

EMV: You’re Not Prepared, Now What?

The October 1 liability shift imposed by the major card brands to spur adoption of EMV is a powerful incentive to make the migration. Large retailers have taken note and are likely to be fully prepared so they don’t get stuck with the liability for card fraud that could have been prevented by EMV. Smaller merchants are less prepared. Read More

EMV 101: What You Need to Know Now

EMV 101: What You Need to Know Now U.S. consumers are beginning the migration from traditional mag-stripe credit and debit cards to EMV-based chip cards. Here’s what you need to know now. What it is: EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip card transactions. EMV encompasses requirements that ensure interoperability between POS terminals and chip-based payment cards containing embedded microprocessors. Chip cards are intended to provide strong transaction security features and other application capabilities not possible with traditional mag-stripe cards. Read more about what EMV isn't, here. Read More

White Paper – The U.S. Government Shift to EMV Payments

Late last year, President Obama issued an Executive Order mandating that payment cards--both credit and debit--issued by Federal agencies, must support the EMV protocol, specifically chip and PIN. Read More

EMV is Not a Panacea for Transaction Security

News stories and comments by legislators on how to stop the recent spat of retailer card data breaches suggest that EMV will solve the security problem for retailers. I’ve also heard a couple of retail CIO’s make similar statements. Read More

Does Retail Security Suffer from a Lack of Imagination?

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting one of four regional security events intended to provide our clients with updates on recent criminal activity and tactics used to breach retail payment systems. Read More