Bluetooth Low Energy, Beacons and Retail – A New VeriFone White Paper

BLE WPLast month, Erik Vlugt wrote a post titled, “Apple iBeacon, PayPal Beacon and BLE – What does it all mean?”. In the article, Vlugt discussed Bluetooth Low Energy, an existing technology that is now being promoted as a way to very specifically track mobile devices–and their owners–within retail locations. The goal being to determine where shoppers are within the store so as to target them with offers and information based on their interest at the moment.

There are other potential benefits to this technology, and while it is far better than some solutions currently in use, it isn’t without its limitations. To expand on Vlugt’s original blog post and read more about the history of BLE as well as how companies like PayPal and Apple are trying to use it, you can now download our newest White Paper titled, “Bluetooth Low Energy, Beacons and Retail.”

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