Case Study: Getting Groceries Faster with SPAR UK

SPAR UK is one of the country’s leading supermarket stores, employing more than 50,000 staff across 2,400 locations. SPAR’s growth demanded a cost-effective, future-proof payments solution that would provide increased security and quality of service.

Getting Your Groceries Faster with SPAR UK and Verifone

The Challenge:

For SPAR UK, one of the country’s leading convenience supermarket stores, it was Spar01increasingly important to implement a cost-effective, future-proofed solution with centralized estate management and analytics capabilities that would allow it to more readily meet changing needs across its 2,400 stores. So they turned to Verifone.

Previously, SPAR relied on older generation PIN pads to complete in-store card transactions. As these payment devices neared their end of life, consumers were demanding more sophisticated payment methods, including the ability to use Apple Pay. In the UK market, one in every 10 transactions is now contactless due to transaction limit increases to £30 and the launch of Apple Pay.

The Solution:

SPAR recently swapped in Verifone’s VX 820 NFC and contactless terminals which Verifone UK Apple Pay Sparbundles hardware, software, gateway services, end-to-end encryption, estate management and value-added solutions in a comprehensive Payment as a Service offering. Verifone’s managed service platform provides complete end-to-end card acceptance and transaction management.

“The NFC and contactless enabled terminals combined with the managed service platform allows us to deliver a targeted and unique solution to our customers and significantly reduces the threat of fraud,” says Roy Ford, Retail IT Controller at SPAR UK.

The Results:

With Verifone’s solution, SPAR was well prepared to handle this growth in ‘tap and go’ technology and was even one of Apple’s launch retailers. Spar has dramatically reduced the overall scope and cost of maintaining PCI DSS Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.01.12 PMcompliance, creating cost savings and improving its protection against fraud. SPAR’s head office can view real-time trading patterns and estate performance to provide a holistic picture of all payments data.

SPAR will be able to experiment with many value-added solutions that the VX 820 can offer. One such feature is Pennies, a well-known UK electronic charity ‘box’ that allows consumers to contribute the penny ‘change’ from their card-based purchase. Other available tools are mobile coupon redemption and gift card activation and top-up functionality.

Verifone and SPAR will co-present at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) taking place 9-10 March in London. RBTE is free to attend. Register today!

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