Connected Commerce: Pause or Play?

Connected Commerce: Pause or Play?

You know that moment when you realize something’s about to change? What do you do?

Many hit the “pause” button. They take a split second to think – if the risk is low, there’s zero friction. They just do it. But the bigger the change, the longer it can take to hit “play” and move forward.

Here at Verifone we never stop thinking about that moment. Because locked inside it is momentum – an impulse for what’s new, what’s next, what’s better.  It just needs to be unleashed!

We focus on moments of change because money is energy – and like language and Verifone_Day_2_Media_154storytelling, money has since ancient times connected us and powered progress. It took thousands of years for commerce to emerge from a friction-filled world of barter and currencies of whale teeth, fei stones, crops, cattle and coins. But even across the vast electronic payment system of today, our deep human need to connect remains the same.

As a global leader, Verifone has for decades led change on this grand cultural stage. By challenging the status quo, solving problems and mining for momentum with merchants, resellers, partners, and developers, we’ve forged a path to the era of Connected Commerce.

To us, Connected Commerce means capitalizing on opportunities; igniting ideas in an open, cloud-based ecosystem. And energizing people through a fusion of personalization, social shopping, mobility and connected devices. Here’s why:

Connected Commerce also means adapting to a different way of thinking for a new reality: from smartphones to smart homes, stunning advances in design and user experience have conditioned people to expect merchants will recognize them the instant they walk in the door and make everything simple, fast and fun. So when shoppers discover stores that “work” as well as their favorite app, they reward them!

At Verifone, reducing the friction of change is nothing new. It’s why we’re so focused on helping clients around the world transform the point of sale into a powerful new point of strength. It’s why we’re building bold platforms. Strengthening our products. Unlocking new revenue streams.

As the fintech industry gathers at Money20/20, we are all advancing commerce in a connected world. We invite you to keep the connections going, to learn more, to see how easy it is to try new things and to challenge each other to solve old problems in new ways as we move forward together.

Join us as we unveil our newest products and services and juice up some local flavour with Copenhagen-based Joe & the Juice at Money20/20 Europe, 4 – 7 April. Follow the conversation @Verifone and be on the look out for on-site coverage and live-streaming video from the show.

June Felix – Keynote Address at Money20/20 6 April 11.35am – 11.55am
Sign up to meet with the Verifone experts at Money20/20 in Copenhagen
Glen Robson – POS-itive Innovations Panel at Money20/20 5 April 10.25am


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