EuroCIS 2016: The Future of German Payments on Display

EuroCIS 2016 showed the direction in which payments is headed. Solutions and services Euro grouplike mPOS, Signature Capture and Multimedia open up new possibilities for our clients – and fascinate consumers.

What are the overall trends in the payment industry in Germany? This year’s EuroCIS, one of the biggest trade fairs for retail technology in Europe, gave us some answers on what’s trending.

The 3 hottest topics among retailers at EuroCIS were:

  • mPOS

Mobility paves the way for improved customer service all the way through the shopping experience as underlined by the results of the Payment Barometer 2015. Retailers that transform smartphones and tablets into portable cash desks appeal to customers. Mobile devices are part of customer’s everyday life and therefore need to be included in modern payment infrastructure.

  • Signature Capture

Digitization makes working processes easier – this also counts for sales receipts. Retailers are ready to turn their backs on the costly and time consuming handling of printed receipts. Payment terminals that capture the customer’s signature right on the display and save the digital cash voucher in the cloud is a solution that’s in high demand.Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.06.09 PM

  • Multimedia

Customers challenge retailers more and more. They expect additional services and entertainment, not least during the checkout process – as Verifone’s Forsa study at the beginning of 2015  pointed out. Hence, retailers are eager to integrate e.g. videos, couponing and loyalty programs into their checkout zones. In consequence, payment solutions which increase customer engagement and customer interaction, like the Media Management System and the new Verifone Engage terminals, will become even more popular in the future.

A brave new world – that still needs promotion

NFC, beacons, mobile wallets: payments is becoming more digital and diverse. That opens up a range of possibilities for retailers and customers. However, promotion activities (like the German drugstore line ROSSMANN recently launched) need to be initiated in order to educate service staff, cashiers and customers.

Still, EuroCIS 2016 proved that mobile and engaging payment solutions which create additional value for the customers are the future of the payment industry.

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