Finally, a tablet POS that makes everyone happy—merchants, ISOs AND acquirers

GlobalBay-Merchant-Ad-blogMerchant interest in tablet POS systems is huge right now. So much so, that the market has quickly become crowded with multiple solutions trying to replace the cash register with a tablet POS app. But if you look around, all of these solutions are sold directly to merchants by service providers that want to take the ISO or acquirer out of the picture, locking merchants into a single vendor whose hardware may not really be what the merchant needs, and leaving merchants with poorly executed customer service.

On the flipside, there are some companies trying to provide a channel product, but who also sell direct. Instead of meeting a need, they end up competing with their own channel and creating confusion in the market while further undermining the relationship between ISOs and their merchants.

ISOs and acquirers are losing sales because they don’t have a solution built especially for them to sell exclusively through their channel; but, ultimately merchants are losing out because they’re getting a “one size fits all” solution that really doesn’t. ISO/Acquirers need a competitive solution that allows them to add a tablet POS solution to their portfolio—one that offers a seamless transition for merchants that want to move from a simple cash register to a cost-effective business management system.

VeriFone GlobalBay Merchant was launched to change all that. Now ISOs and acquirers can make their customers happy with new innovative tools to easily manage their business.

GlobalBay Merchant is a comprehensive business management solution that currently operates on Apple® iPad® iPhone® and iPod®, and can support multiple stores and multiple devices per store. The software allows small businesses to run their operations more efficiently through a host of business tools. Merchants can:

  • Manage inventory
  • Track sales and review data
  • Schedule appointments with customers
  • Manage employee timecards
  • Accept different payment types, digital discounts, offers and coupons

The GlobalBay Merchant system is a full-service retail solution that is exceptionally easy to get up and running. With the support of VeriFone’s 24×7 help desk and automated on-boarding process, ISOs and acquirers can easily deliver a complete tablet POS offering to small and medium-size merchants (SMBs).

But most of all, it was created especially for our channel partners. GlobalBay Merchant is easy to install, learn, use, maintain and upgrade. It helps ISOs strengthen their relationships with small businesses and help them grow, while doing the same for their own business.

Interested? Here are some additional resources you might find helpful:

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About Erik Vlugt

Erik Vlugt is responsible for VeriFone’s North America product marketing, which includes the retail, petroleum, and financial channels with special focus on emerging technologies including EMV, NFC, and mPOS. Vlugt regularly speaks on these topics at industry events, and in 2012, he addressed the Congressional Financial Services Committee on the topic of emerging payment technologies.


  1. dear sir/madam

    am interisted in the tablet pos, but my quistion is; can it be implemented in United Arab Emirates/Dubai. minimum qty i will order is 5.

    waiting for your reply.

    best regards

    • If you go to our Partner/Reseller page and put in your country, you can find a local partner who will be able to give you an accurate list of the VeriFone products available to you.

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