Infographic: Speedy Parking at the Big Game with Verifone’s e315

Is it possible to score a touchdown in the parking lot at Levi’s Stadium? We think so!

On Super Bowl Sunday, 62 of Verifone’s e315 mobile point of sale devices were used by ParkHub’s parking lot attendants to accept payments and validate pre-purchased parking vouchers at Levi’s Stadium. Dubbed “Sparky” in a recent social media campaign, the versatile mobile solution was an integrated component of ParkHub‘s PRIME parking system, developed by Dallas startup Dialexa.

Like any sporting event, parking is an important issue, particularly for championship games like the Super Bowl. ParkHub’s system was able to process one vehicle every two seconds during the peak period on Super Bowl Sunday, accommodating more than 7,000 passenger vehicles, 580 limos and 392 buses, all while helping to ensure the 75,000 fans in attendance were able to gain speedy access. The e315’s built-in 2D scanners allow not only for printed scanning but also for mobile barcode scanning and QR scanning. Regardless of whether football fans printed their ticket at home, got it printed from the stadium or if they have it on their mobile app, they were able to breeze through the line and get into the Big Game faster.

At peak time, one vehicle was processed every two seconds.

ParkHub’s PRIME validates any pre-purchased or reserved parking, records cash Sparky flyover copytransactions, and facilitates credit card transactions. The e315 was chosen for its remarkable flexibility, which supports all types of payments – including EMV, NFC and mobile wallets – as well as integration across multiple platforms. Its integrated bar code scanner was used to validate pre-purchased vouchers, while card acceptance was super fast for those paying on the spot.

“Partnering with and Dialexa, and supporting the PRIME platform, is truly exciting—especially considering the collaboration enhanced the merchant and user experience at an event as massive as the Super Bowl,” said Jennifer Miles, President of North America for Verifone.

Have a look at the full infographic here:
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.41.01 PM

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