Key Trends Emerge from CARTES Paris

CARTES Paris continued its renowned reputation for bringing together the payment industry’s best and brightest from across the globe this year. The joining of the industry’s experts across the whole value chain creates a visionary outlook on the industry’s current and future innovation. Several emerging trends stood out for me.

Multi-channel retailing
One of the biggest challenges for merchants seen at this year’s show is how their capabilities spread across all retail channels, specifically multi-channel retailing that reduces payment complexity. What’s clear is that retailers are looking to cover all channels with one managed payment service – in-store, online or mobile.

This becomes particularly relevant during the holiday season as retailers busily prepare to introduce shopping strategies across multiple channels which should include a robust payment infrastructure that’s seamless across the board. Increased loyalty and value for customers have become top priorities helping to drive this trend.

Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) continued to be a hot topic this year. By embracing mPOS solutions, merchants, particularly SMBs, can create flexibility, choice and lower-cost solutions throughout their stores. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as mPOS options are becoming common place but require integration with a mobile payment terminal in order to add the security, durability and functionality that merchants need. As technology and form factors continue to evolve, merchants will be looking for solutions that work with multiple operating systems. Our most popular stand demonstrations were the Verifone e355 and Verifone e265 solutions, which fall into this category and provide solutions for a wide range of organisations.


Although not a new concept, we were asked more questions than ever before on ApplePay UKbiometrics for authentication. There’s always been a lot of theatre around biometrics thanks to Hollywood movies – notably the retina scanner and fingerprint reader– but this is quickly becoming a reality.

The popularity of Apple Pay and its TouchID technology has created a consumer-facing truth of biometric authentication that’s unlikely to decline in interest. After all, increased security and not having to remember so many passwords will create a strong following.

Verifone Engage

Verifone Engage  – our next generation of payment devices – was shown for the first time in Europe at Cartes. The positive feedback was overwhelming, specifically how the platform can help to foster a two-way conversation between merchants and consumers. Engage will redefine the point-of-sale by enabling a fully integrated app marketplace, where merchants can browse and download enterprise and third-party apps.

Media Solutions

Media solutions (advertising and promotional messages) attracted a lot of attention. Our capability for uploading, scheduling and deploying media – both images and video – on our POS terminals was praised by many visitors who were impressed by the dedicated back-office infrastructure that we were demonstrating.

Sesame Award Success

Finally, I was honoured to have been presented, on behalf of Verifone, the award for . It is great to see that Verifone is being recognised for creating solutions that retailers want and this latest award demonstrates just that.

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