Are Emerging Markets Ready to Engage?

Throughout the Middle East and North Africa we’re focused on what the market needs. Not just today but also to enable the next era of commerce.

We have young populations that are now mobile and internet enabled. They want more than the promise of financial inclusion. They want a new type of experience. This means more services, contactless payments acceptance and more interaction at the point of sale.

In 2016, we will be introducing Verifone Engage to strategic markets in MENA.
This new product line of interactive payment terminals is the culmination of extensive research into what consumers and our customers really want. It incorporates the best of our collective global expertise, distilled for our local markets. Verifone Engage elevates the customer experience and boosts revenue opportunity. It also opens up connected commerce with new communication channels, services and features.

The question is whether MENA’s emerging markets are ready for such a sophisticated solution? Yes, they are! Never underestimate the region’s appetite for innovation. Unconstrained by legacy barriers and open and receptive to new ideas, MENA countries are often the first to leapfrog ahead when it comes to technology. And Verifone Engage gives our local partners plenty of new tools to innovate.

It’s more than a box for card payments. It offers multi-media content, value added services, interactivity and better security – and the ability to accept all types of payment including contactless and mobile wallets. In addition, pre-certified apps, toolkits and open platforms make Verifone Engage really easy to customise and integrate. Perfect for our VIPs, local acquirers and payment processors.

Not surprisingly, our regional partners are very eager to get their hands on the new Verifone Engage solution. All agree that this is the next phase for payments in the region and want to be an integral part of it. It’s seen as a real step ahead for Verifone in markets where we are already leading the way.

For our business throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, it’s all about giving our customers new ways to monetise payments and increase revenue and profitability. If we can achieve that with Verifone Engage, then we’re more than ready.

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