How mPOS Can Change Customer Service

Consumer shopping behavior is changing, in many cases dramatically. The big question is, are retailers really ready to respond?

One thing is certain, retailers can’t just stay as they are. And as this new paper on mPOSmpos shows, this is as true for in-store payments as it is for other much talked about areas like digital marketing.

The root of the problem is that old systems currently cause UK consumers to spend more than 18 hours a year stuck in store waiting lines. This is a real issue, because research shows that 7 out of 10 people are simply unwilling to wait longer than five minutes in a queue before they walk out.

Overall, the impact of this is more than £1billion in lost sales each year.

With evidence like this, it’s clear that the traditional bricks and mortar payment environment needs a shake-up. For one thing, it’s nowhere near convenient enough for modern, digital centric consumers that don’t want to wait around. Retailers also need to think about integrating with other channels to create a holistic journey for customers.

Fortunately, there are solutions, retailers can use mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) to solve their in-store experience problems and make real gains in improving customer service.

For example, mPOS can empower staff to spend less time on counter service and become true brand ambassadors across the store.  There is also a growing appetite for personalisation in traditional retail stores. In particular, retailers can benefit from this trend by introducing devices into the store which give staff access to the information they need, when and where they need it. From upselling and inventory, to rich content such as how-to videos for consultative selling, this kind of approach can allow floor staff to deliver personalised, customer-centric experiences.

There are many other opportunities to improve customer service– from creating stations for click-and-collect to integrating loyalty schemes across all channels.
Discover how mPOS can help you use all these methods to improve customer service. Download the paper now, and you’ll also get clear advice on how you can choose, deploy and manage the mPOS solution that will suit you best.



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