VeriFone Media at the Pump

VeriFone Petro Infographic

We had a LOT of fun at NACS this week. In addition to having a huge booth, complete with a near-perfect replica of a working petro pump (on the right) that showcased VeriFone’s VNET media front and center, we are also following it up with an excellent infographic on VeriFone’s global presence in the petroleum industry along with some key industry stats. Continue reading

PAYware Mobile and Google Wallet

All Mobile Wallets Converge at the POS

Have you heard of the latest wallet? Which one? The NFC one? Or the cloud based? The one from the web giant, the mobile operator joint venture or the alternative payments giant? Or was it the one from the merchant coalition? It seems a day doesn’t go by without the announcement of a new mobile wallet scheme that will revolutionize payments and obsolete the leather wallet in the process. Continue reading

Mobile POS

POS Then and Now

I remember my first day as a retail clerk in A&P. I was trained on the “new” cash registers with a whopping nine department keys. Items were rung by me reading an ink stamped price off the item itself and entering it into the register. The whirl of the machine was amazing back then. Continue reading