Mobile POS

POS Then and Now

I remember my first day as a retail clerk in A&P. I was trained on the “new” cash registers with a whopping nine department keys. Items were rung by me reading an ink stamped price off the item itself and entering it into the register. The whirl of the machine was amazing back then. Continue reading

Mobile Security

Questioning Mobile Security

I like questions. I like asking them and answering them. So I thought I would throw out a bunch of questions I’ve received over the last several months about mobile security, give my own opinionated answers, and maybe even raise some new questions to discuss. Continue reading

Emerging Payments and PCI

Emerging Payments and PCI

Last week I presented the “The Never Ending Story of PCI” at the TekServe POS user conference. PCI presentations are tough because they typically rank right behind root canals on the list of things people want to do on any given day. Continue reading