Verifone Tracking Success in the Middle East

Ranked number one in global smartphone penetration at 80 percent, Dubai is the site of the annual Cards and Payments Middle East conference, and Verifone will be there. For Verifone in the Middle East, our goal is to support diverse advancements in payments tech and commerce solutions working through our local partners. Not only can I say with pride we have new business wins, but we also have some really exciting new products which will bring simplicity, security, and sophistication to retailers in the regions. Continue reading


Retailers, Don’t Be a Target for Cyber Criminals this Holiday Season

The latest security advisory from groups like the “Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center,” the US Secret Service, and the Retail Cyber Intelligence Center (I’ll spare you the acronyms) basically say that if you’re involved in security at your organization—particularly in retail—you may be putting in some extra hours over the holidays. Continue reading


Boosting Per-Merchant Revenue with mPOS

Today’s small but powerful mobile point of sale (POS) solutions are a win-win for both resellers and retailers alike. For retailers, the low cost of tablet and smartphone hardware offers a compelling alternative to traditional small merchant POS systems. Continue reading

VeriFone Security Alert Banner

VeriFone Security Advisory

Having lived and breathed security for more than 30 years now, I know that security isn't just a retailer's responsibility, or a vendor's responsibility; it's everyone's responsibility. Even though VeriFone works closely with industry groups like PCI, W3C and ETA, just to name a few, we find that there is a still a wide information gap between those whose business it is to protect data, and those whose business it is to collect or create data. Continue reading