Managing Payments Complexity

Whether you’re an ISO, acquirer or merchant, it is virtually certain that your payments environment has become increasingly complex the last couple of years. Advances in device technology – combined with the proliferation of cloud services, mobility and social networks– have created increasingly rapid cycles of innovation and there is no sign that things will slow down. Continue reading


Retailers, Don’t Be a Target for Cyber Criminals this Holiday Season

The latest security advisory from groups like the “Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center,” the US Secret Service, and the Retail Cyber Intelligence Center (I’ll spare you the acronyms) basically say that if you’re involved in security at your organization—particularly in retail—you may be putting in some extra hours over the holidays. Continue reading


Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) – Why Should You Care?

It’s incredibly important for merchants to understand payment security, including their own responsibility in making sure that their customers trust them with sensitive card data. Recent high profile data breaches from retailers such as Target have led to a large amount of cardholder data being compromised. Continue reading

VeriFone Security Alert Banner

VeriFone Security Advisory

Having lived and breathed security for more than 30 years now, I know that security isn't just a retailer's responsibility, or a vendor's responsibility; it's everyone's responsibility. Even though VeriFone works closely with industry groups like PCI, W3C and ETA, just to name a few, we find that there is a still a wide information gap between those whose business it is to protect data, and those whose business it is to collect or create data. Continue reading


Frictionless Commerce – Making EMV a Natural Choice

In commerce circles, EMV shares about as much media time as NFC and other forms of contactless payments. But curiously, the man-on-the-street neither really knows, or cares, that pretty soon his credit card will be a good bit heavier (and a bit more secure) thanks to the addition of a chip that lets it communicate with a payment terminal.

Continue reading


Retail Security – Address The Threat

The recent security breaches at major retail centers have elevated the need for more awareness around cardholder data security, to heights not seen in a decade. The irony of course, is that while we are now far more aware of these threats thanks in no small part to the viral nature of the Internet, it is also the Internet that allows criminals to more easily ply their craft and reap the rewards of their nefarious activities. Continue reading