NRF Recap – Day 3

NRF Day 3: How can we be of service?Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.38.01 PM

Many businesses are evolving their technology acquisition models. With payment technology changing so rapidly, many retailers prefer alternative options that provide them greater flexibility to respond more quickly to new trends and requirements.

At NRF today, there was a great deal of activity from retailers interested in how we pair our very flexible e355 payment module with our Payments as a Service (PAAS). The e355 is a flexible, long-lasting device that can accommodate different form factors and outlive smartphone and tablet models, freeing merchants from having to upgrade every time a handset manufacture updates its lineup.

Verifone PAAS solutions bundle hardware, software, gateway and support services into a single customizable, integrated solution that is built on Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture (SCA). Pairing this with the e355 provides new ways to achieve simplified and secured payments management while enhancing the consumer experience.

Verifone CEO Paul Galant spent much of his time in our NRF booth discussing how our Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.20.04 PMservices-based solutions can help retailers deal with some of their most pressing payment infrastructure challenges, so they can devote their resources better engaging with the consumer. The just announced agreement for Verifone to acquire AJB Software Design will bring new services-based options to retailers. AJB’s gateway is primarily use on premises today, but retailers will be able to take advantage of managed services options hosted in Verifone’s secure data center.

More choice, more flexibility, more simplification. It’s a winning sale for retailers.

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About Jeff Wakefield

Jeff Wakefield is the Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Initiatives for VeriFone’s Vertical and Global Security businesses, responsible developing and implementing growth strategies, partnerships and acquisitions which will continue to expand VeriFone’s footprint in integrated payment systems.


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