VeriFone SoftPay Helps Celebs Raise Money for Charity

Celeb-Apprentice-ArtVeriFone SoftPay doesn’t get much public attention. It’s the software that powers some of our more popular countertop/portable products such as our VX Evolution line of payment devices. Most of the time our customers customize it, adding their own branding and payment processing text around it. So rarely does “SoftPay” show up on the screen.

But last night on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, SoftPay got a few seconds to shine. VeriFone is the exclusive mobile payments provider for this season’s “The Apprentice” starring Donald Trump and a host of returning, former Apprentice stars. We thought you might enjoy a couple of video snippets showing SoftPay from the show last night.
If you would prefer to see the full episode, you can do that too. From here.

VeriFone SoftPay on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice

VeriFone SoftPay Celebrity Apprentice 1




VeriFone SoftPay Celebrity Apprentice 2










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